On Mountain Lions, Woodside, and the Definition of “Habitat”

Last session, the California Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, SB9, which allows by-right splits of any single-family residential parcel and then construction of a duplex on both parcels (at least four dwelling units where there was one before, and potentially accessory dwelling units, ADUs, in addition). Cities across the State are left with implementing … Continue reading On Mountain Lions, Woodside, and the Definition of “Habitat”

Not your usual correction

Colleagues Scott Loss, Tom Will, Pete Marra and I published an article a month or so in Biological Invasions, titled “Responding to misinformation and criticisms regarding United States cat predation estimates.” The purpose of the article was to address the spurious criticisms that have been leveled against estimates of predation by free-roaming cats published by … Continue reading Not your usual correction