An Urban Forest for the Birds

One thought on “An Urban Forest for the Birds”

  1. Thank you for this timely article, at a time that our community is still reflecting on the loss of P-22 and the lessons he taught us about coexisting in out mutual habitat. I’ve always hated traffic, and have wished that City Planning could balance the commercial areas with residential areas, so that masses of people wouldn’t have to commute from the “bedroom communities” where they live, to the faraway “commercial districts” where they work. I wish cities would not approve new companies moving into an area without approving a number of housing units commensurate to the size of the company.
    Similarly, could there be an amendment to building codes, where a native tree is required for every ___ number of occupancy spaces in a commercial or residential property? I am aware that this has implications regarding how much of a property can’t be built on because tree(s) will be living there, but as citizens of Los Angeles, it’s up to us to provide habitat for our wild neighbors, before we lose more species than we already have.


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